Bioluminescent bamboo coral

Glow in the dark corals

... hearing about the amazing glow in the dark corals, we sent Tom Crawford along to Jorg Wiedenmann's exhibit at the Royal Society Summer Exhibition to check them out... Tom - Jörg has brought me inside a very darkly lit room and ...

Cyanobacteria, one of the sources of oxygen on the early Earth

The algae that started it all

... led to the birth of the science we now call optogenetics. Tom Crawford went to see Cambridge University’s Otti Croze and ... and in these circumstances in extreme conditions... Tom - It’s about minus 10. Well it’s not but it’s ...

Electric eel shocking an arm

The shocking science of electric eels

... The shock can be ten times the power of a TASER! He told Tom Crawford what - in addition to his own pain threshold - ... off you high voltage. It’s really a shocking behaviour! Tom - Nice, you beat me to the pun. So just to re-clarify ...