Airbus prediction of the cabin of an aircraft of the future

The future of flight

... you just want to immerse yourself to connectivity and your own social media then there'll be a full entertainment area. ... I could be sitting on a flight in the future, pairing my own TV in front of me from my own body heat.  thank you. Colin -   That exactly would be ...

The Juno spacecraft will arrive in orbit around Jupiter in 2016

Finding our way through space

... presto; but what about navigating in space? Even in our own solar system the distances are measured in millions or ...

Solar storm impacting the Earth's Magnetosphere - RAL Space

Radiation shields in space

... with you. Chris - So, you have a spacecraft which has its own magnetic field. It's generating a bit like the Earth's ... the moon doesn't have an overall magnetic field of its own. It would appear that for the eons that it is being ...