FameLab International Semi-Final 2014

FameLab: Astrobiology

... you to that? is there nothing interesting enough in your own field? Patrick - Well, there's plenty interesting. The ... but much like us, they have trouble getting out of their own neighbourhood. We only got to the moon pretty recently, ... Maybe everybody else has trouble just getting off their own planet as well. But then again, our civilisation is ...

Atmosphere of Mars taken from low orbit

The hunt for microbial Martians

... about life on another planet, you think about life on our own planet, it's all based on DNA and this kind of thing, and ... to tell if you'd find Martian life. Something that had its own independent genesis on Mars, or maybe found terrestrial ... or perhaps more recently with one of, you know, our own dirty probes, perhaps we're going to find your own dirty ...