A happy, healthy older man

Ageing and Bioscience at the Babraham Institute

... were brought together recently for conference on Ageing and Bioscience, hosted by the Babraham Institute just ... Partridge and I'm Director of the Institute of Healthy Ageing at UCL.  A very practical problem, I think, is the ... healthy as they get older.  The economic impact of the ageing population on health services is just becoming ...

GFP-expressing nerve cells in the mouse cerebral cortex

Protecting Neurons from Age-Related Decline

... developments on your work, today, we're talking about ageing.  What does this nerve degeneration process have to do with ageing? Michael -   So, in answer to one of your earlier ... and in certain types of neurodegenerative disease.  And ageing if you like, is a big new growth area in biomedical ...

Two proposed structures of the 30nm chromatin filament.

Exploring the Exciting field of Epigenetics

... -   Yeah, so epigenetics is a very important factor in ageing and that's something that's become more and more clear ...