The Superb Blue Fairy Wren is a small Australian Passerine of the fammily maluridae

Password Passed Down Before Hatching

... the egg. t's important for a Fairy-wren to recognise its own young because they are subject to parasitism by cuckoos - ... are added to the nest at a later stage than the wren's own eggs, they are therefore exposed to fewer incubation ...

this is a picture of a syringe and needle

Nanoparticle revolutionises vaccination

... white blood cells. "We've turned the patient's own cells into vaccine factories," says Khan. "These cells ...

Ebola virus, as seen under an electron microscope. Ebola is a member of the filovirus family. The tubular \shepherd's crook\-shaped particles are generally 80nm in diameter and up to 1000nm long.

Evolving Ebola

... scientists hope to figure out how to beat viruses at their own game, making us better prepared to avoid such huge death ...