Harvesting bone marrow

Would self bone marrow transplants reverse aging?

... Professor Tom Kirkwood at Newcastle University... Tom - Ageing is complicated. We know that the underlying reason ... membranes that make up the cells. So basically, the ageing process is driven by things going wrong, cells become ... the body do themselves experience some form of intrinsic ageing. So, in theory, one might think that a good way to ...

Schematic diagram of normal sinus rhythm for a human heart as seen on ECG (with English labels).

Building a Biological Pacemaker

... way. If these cells are injured by disease or through ageing, the heartbeat can become uncoordinated, stopping the ...

Two hands forming a heart shape.

Heart transplants: the cutting edge

... hearts for transplantation and the need for it. We're an ageing population, the need is going up, and the number of ...