The effects of old age on the human face. Portrait of Elisabetha Drum of Kittsee, Austria. Created by Michael Ströck

How old are you really?

... The team, from Duke University, also measured the 'pace of ageing' in the study group. This was calculated using the ... of those lines to produce an estimate for the pace of ageing. Most participants were found to be ageing at the expected rate of around 1 biological year per ...

Old woman

Anti-ageing treatment… for mice

... wanting to turn back the clock and erase the signs of ageing. Researchers at Erasmus University Medical Center in ... to arrive. The scientists saw fur growing back in balding, ageing mice after just 10 days of treatment, with fitness ... So it’s still likely to be some time before an anti-ageing drug becomes a reality. Researchers find a molecule ...