Old woman

Anti-ageing treatment… for mice

... wanting to turn back the clock and erase the signs of ageing. Researchers at Erasmus University Medical Center in ... to arrive. The scientists saw fur growing back in balding, ageing mice after just 10 days of treatment, with fitness ... So it’s still likely to be some time before an anti-ageing drug becomes a reality. Researchers find a molecule ...

Impending Ovulation This is an ovary shortly before an egg is released. The stigma can clearly be seen.

Why female fertility falls with age

... likely to have problems." Instead Duncan thinks that the ageing ovary, where eggs are matured in structures called ... that can be used to slow down the process of ovarian ageing, which may help individuals choosing to defer ... the blood, we can use them to indicate the rate of ovarian ageing, and give information to a woman about her prospects ...