Could humans live forever?

Some animals appear to be able to reject the processes of ageing completely. Could this ever be the case in humans? ... based in California, which aims to reduce the damage of ageing and allow people to live younger. Aubrey - The body ... of the way the body normally works and, in that sense, ageing in a living organism like you or me is exactly the ...

Artist's impression of red blood cells

Does young blood work?

... in America selling young blood plasma, as part of an ageing trial, for 8000 dollars. Georgia Mills asked Michael ... Not treating any particular disease but just as an anti-ageing treatment or something like that. I'm not 100% sure ...

Planarian worm - Polycelis felina

What can we learn from immortal animals?

... we think are responsible for allowing them to avoid the ageing process.  Georgia - Why do we think they don’t age? ... looking at things that people theorise or know cause ageing in other animals and seeing how the stem cells in ...