GFP-expressing nerve cells in the mouse cerebral cortex

Protecting Neurons from Age-Related Decline

... developments on your work, today, we're talking about ageing.  What does this nerve degeneration process have to do with ageing? Michael -   So, in answer to one of your earlier ... and in certain types of neurodegenerative disease.  And ageing if you like, is a big new growth area in biomedical ...

Human Heart Plastinate

Can young blood block heart failure?

... in human blood but we don't know its relationship to human ageing, or to the diseases of human ageing," explains Lee. "The next step will be developing the ... be causing or at least correlating with human diseases of ageing." And because GDF 11 has also been found to have ...

Saggital transection through the human brain

Cause of brain ageing discovered

... hope for a fresh approach to the development of anti-ageing techniques. Whereas previous investigations have ... a significant development in the ongoing quest to conquer ageing. What makes brains age, and a way to slow the ... has been uncovered by US scientists... Cause of brain ageing discovered ...