Fruit flies

The great fly gender divide

... extended. Chris - If one studies the natural history of ageing in these flies (males versus females) and you look ... we did in parallel.  We started to look at the guts of  ageing males and ageing females and when we started out we expected that we ...

Two people on a bench by the sea

Can gut bugs keep you healthy for longer?

... factor from the bacteria and the worms show accelerated ageing, or their more frail, that molecule coming from those bugs might be involved in the ageing process? Daniel - Correct. Though the molecules that ... a lot of the things that we associate with health versus ageing. Chris - What are those molecules? Daniel - The ...

Blood pressure check

Can your gut bacteria cause high blood pressure?

... goes up. That’s probably why we see it as a disease of ageing as well. As people get older, people get high blood ...