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Ageing and Bioscience at the Babraham Institute

... were brought together recently for conference on Ageing and Bioscience, hosted by the Babraham Institute just ... Partridge and I'm Director of the Institute of Healthy Ageing at UCL.  A very practical problem, I think, is the ... healthy as they get older.  The economic impact of the ageing population on health services is just becoming ...

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Can gut bugs keep you healthy for longer?

... factor from the bacteria and the worms show accelerated ageing, or their more frail, that molecule coming from those bugs might be involved in the ageing process? Daniel - Correct. Though the molecules that ... a lot of the things that we associate with health versus ageing. Chris - What are those molecules? Daniel - The ...

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Gene signal informs Alzheimer's risk

... a profile covering 150 genes that can be used as a healthy ageing benchmark dubbed a "healthy ageing gene score" by the team. In the group of subjects ... examined, there was a 400 percent range in the healthy ageing gene score. "If we look at people aged 40 and 50, we ...