Science Experiments

Drop Magnifier

Sun, 11th Jan 2009

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What you Need


A little water

A Lemonade Bottle

Some transparent plastic from a lemonade bottle or some packaging

What to do

Droplet on plasticCut a small piece of transparent, thin (but still stiff) plastic like you find at the sides of a lemonade bottle.  Make it about 2cm wide and 4-5cm long.

Using your finger or something like a pencil, dab a small droplet of water onto the plastic. For best effect, you want a nice circular droplet about 5-6mm across.

Try looking at things through it.  You may have to get quite close to get good results.


Droplet on plastic

What may happen

You should find that the droplet magnifies what you are looking by a factor of 5-10. The smaller the droplet the more the magnification, but also the harder it is to look through.

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