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Fizzes from peroxide

Sun, 21st Sep 2008

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What you Need

hydrogen peroxide bottle

6 or 9% Hydrogen Peroxide - you can buy it at most chemists




A splint or  thin piece of wood


Matches or a lighter

Empty Jar

A Jar

What to do

Warning - Hydrogen peroxide is a weak bleach, it will irritate the skin, and you really don't want to get it in your eyes, so wear some form of eye protection. You are dealing with burning objects which may burn quicker than you expect. This experiment should be done by an adult.

Pour about 1-2cm of hydrogen peroxide into a jar.

Add some potato, what happens?

Try the same thing with a small piece of liver.

Try lighting a splint and then blowing it out so it is still glowing, and putting it into the jar.

What may happen

You should find that the hydrogen peroxide sits there quietly until you add the potato when it will bubble gently.  When you add the liver it should froth violently and if you carefully feel the jar, you should notice that it gets warm.  The splint should relight when you put it in the jar, showing that you have made some oxygen.

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