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Flying Tubes

Mon, 10th Dec 2007

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What you Need

Cardboard Tube

A kitchen roll tube


2-3m of narrow knicker elastic


Strong tape

A table

A table in a room with nothing breakable or a still day outside.

What to do

Attach the elastic to the middle of one of the long sides of your table so it stretches about 2/3 of the length of your table.

Point this side at a lot of space (7-8m at least)

roll the elastic stretched onto the centre of your tube until it is on the far side of the table to where the elastic is attached. This works best if you put 1-2 turns on the tube while the elastic is quite loose, then stretch the elastic and add another 2-3 turns.

Let go!

Magnus Experiment Setup

What may happen

With any luck the tube will  lift up as it flies through the air instead of just falling down. It will probably take some experimentation with how tight and how much to roll up the elastic, but it looks cool when it works!

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