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Mon, 16th Mar 2015

Finger-sniffing good

Idan Frumin, Weizmann Institute

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The last time you greeted someone, did you shake their hand? Now a harder Handshakequestion: what did you do with your hand afterwards? You probably didnít realise it at the time but the likelihood is that you subconsciously brought it up to your face and sniffed it! Using hidden cameras, Israelís Weizmann Institute researcher Idan Frumin has found that we humans do the socially more acceptable equivalent of what two dogs do when they first meet, as he explained to Chris Smith...




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Heh. yor_on, Sat, 28th Mar 2015

I'm going to have to do a lot more people watching from now on!

I wonder how often people wash their hands after a handshake?? Colin2B, Wed, 15th Apr 2015

I bet it has something to do with the smell of food or in the case of a shit eating dog... CZARCAR, Thu, 16th Apr 2015

Never noticed that, actually. I need to trace myself:) roger_b, Sat, 16th May 2015

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