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Mon, 11th Apr 2016

A message from Sir David Attenborough

David Attenborough

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Earlier in the week, the world’s first conservation campus officially opened in Cambridge. The building, which is named after legendary wildlife broadcaster Sir David Attenborough, aims to bring together conservationists from different companies to improve on collaboration. At the grand opening, Sir David had a message for the world about the threat to the planet's species... 

David - The natural world is imperiled as never before.  During my lifetime, many habitats have been destroyed or degraded and many species have declined in number.  This loss not only diminishes the beauty and diversity of the natural world, it also puts our own future in jeopardy.  We depend on nature for the very air we breath, for every mouthful of food we consume, for every drop of clean water that we drink.

Audio thanks to Toby Smith.



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