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Sun, 12th Feb 2006

Science of Seduction, Pheromones and the Food of Love

Love, seduction and sexual attraction are in the air this week as Dr Peter Brennan from Bristol University woos Chris and Kat with a discussion of pheromones and the science of smell, Dr Charles Wysocki from the Monell Chemical Senses Centre suggests how farmers can love thy neighbour by masking the stench of malodorous manure, we hit the dancefloor with Dr William Brown from Rutgers University who reveals the recipe for success at the Saturday night disco, and Professor Peter Barham talks about the science of taste, food and the ingredients for the perfect Valentine's Day dinner!

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  • Strange Cornflour Slime

    Is it a solid or is it a liquid? Make a really strange mixture and find out how it behaves.



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