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  • Structural Health Monitoring

    Sat, 25th Jun 2011

    Elena Barton explains how a wide range of sensors using optics and sound waves can be eng...

  • Steam Engines

    Sat, 18th Jun 2011

    Engine driver David Gates takes us through the workings of a steam engnine to explain how...

  • Marine Machines

    Sat, 14th May 2011

    We discover how robotic fish can be engineered to clean up our seas as these marine machin...

  • Powering Technology on the Nanoscale

    Sat, 16th Apr 2011

    Dr. Zhong Lin Wang explains how we could use nanofibres to harvest energy from our everyda...

  • Making Phones Mobile

    Sat, 2nd Apr 2011

    We explore what happens when we talk into our mobile phones and the challenges of keeping ...

  • Mining Minerals

    Sun, 27th Mar 2011

    Professor Jan Cilliers explains the mineral separation process to see how bubbles and foam...

  • Computer Microchips (c)

    Computer Microchips

    Sun, 6th Feb 2011

    Dr. Robert Mullins explains how we go from a computer chip to a fully working computer...

  • Retroflectors

    Sun, 30th Jan 2011

    This week we explore how retroflectors work to help us see at night...

  • PET Scans

    Sun, 23rd Jan 2011

    We explore what a PET Scan is, how a PET scanner works and discover a way to make them cle...

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