• Peachy Pottery

    Tue, 24th Sep 2013

    Materialchef - In this instalment we look at a playful and plastic material, pottery. Smas...

  • Featured

    Crunchy Concrete

    Thu, 10th Oct 2013

    Materialchef This week we look at a strong and solid material, concrete. Looking at the f...

  • Piquant Paper

    Sun, 1st Sep 2013

    Take a peek at piquant paper as we delve into the delightfulness of an often ove...

  • Glistening glass

    Mon, 19th Aug 2013

    This week we have a gander at the glorious and glistening material, glass. We cook up a sc...

  • Whimsical Wood

    Mon, 5th Aug 2013

    This week a wholly wonderful material, wood...

  • Ravishing Rubber

    Sun, 21st Jul 2013

    This week we take a look at the seductive and slinky raw material, rubber, cooking up in t...

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