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Sleep paralysis research
« Reply #150 on: 25/05/2007 09:33:04 »
Sorry, you are wrong about that.  No I do not use any form or sort of drugs on my volunteers.
My comment on hallucinogenics was seperate to my comments on your experiments.  I did not suggest you did use drugs on your subjects.  Is there still not a chance that you are unintentionally suggesting things to people while they are under hypnosis?  Is anyone else present during the experiment?

I'm sure they do all give permission,  and you explain it to them in such a way as to not be frightening, but surely a psychological profile of each participant would be necessary to ensure that they are up to it and you are not going to do any harm?

If you are certain your hypothesis is correct, then maybe you should stop.  After all, different tests will be needed to satisfy the demands of the scientific community, and as KD said, if you're right; what if you cant get whatever it is to go back in?

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Sleep paralysis research
« Reply #151 on: 26/05/2007 22:36:03 »
I am very amazed myself, what these people tell me is unlike anything that I've ever heard.  And the subject doesn't remember a thing about it, like a 5 hour conversation only took a second.. they look at me straight in the eye talking to me.. but they appear as if they feel like wearing a suit.  It creeped me out when I did it the first time accidentally.  For the first question 'why always women' well, I find women easier to work on, plus I'm 17 and I don't feel like talking to a male on a radio or a phone for hours, I could but I don't feel comfortable with it, understand?  For the 2nd question, 'what if they don't return to their body' well.. I had a friend die that was close to me, she had what I call a mix-mana.  When a being is created along with a soul, evil can infect.  This woman I knew, Rachel, she would be sitting or just simply walking and pick her head up as if she had heard someone talking to her, the last time I talked to her was on the phone and she was crying saying that she sees this 'Bad man' and he/she always calls her name.  I didn't know what to say but the next day.. it was too late.  She had jumped off an apartment building and thats all I'm going to say and what I was told.  This was before I discovered my work, and I believe if I had known about it before she had died.. I could have cured her.  We are human after all.  What we do or what we think has no restrictions, the conscience (soul) that we are given offer advice even if we do not know it.  They can't sin or take control over you, they ARE YOU, but an unearthly you.  Get it?  Only from what they all have told me, when they are all free they go back to the place where they got their instructions.  It's very hard to understand, I am having trouble explaining it.  Here are 2 images. newbielink: [nonactive]  newbielink: [nonactive]
The Arch doesn't work in your mind but it works around you, events that take place etc.  When born our soul has Morality already because its pure and is produced from the Good dimension.  Then the Arch works in your life on some things.  And your mana or your soul is the only thing that gives you advice, because thats all it is, its Morality.  But your body, your working mind is in more detail and gives your soul it's fiat to go to the Evil dimension or back to the Good dimension.  You that is reading this right now, is your random executive side.  Like, you can punch your computer or get a gun and just run down the street killing everybody.  But you don't because your mana tells you not to, your Arch wont tell you anything, because the Arch's job is only to serve you in surroundings in what happens.  Gives you life lessons.  NOTE: You cannot talk to Archs unless they want to talk to you.  But thats only happend to so few people in history.  Like Moses, Luke, Job, Judah.  Stuff like that, so again, you cant talk to Archs.

Now, answering the question more clearly.  No you will never be stuck out of your body.  But your good soul can be consumed by evil spirits (evil is everywhere like the possessed girl said "in these walls"), when a evil spirit takes full control of your mana and actually works through it, then you are possessed and the evil has actually worked its way through our world, but the Creator of all this will not allow the evil to break through the body and harm us.  If the evil could break through the body instead of making it a puppet, then we would all be dead or something like a whole nation going up in flames.  Like that possessed little girl, breaking through chains till the evil is removed yet again.  Evil's power is unlimited but does have limitations, thats why the "Hell" dimension is said to be so horrible because it can do what ever it wants to you and no good or light will protect you.  Ever. Questioning myself - If they can take control of your mana when why not they all do it to everyone in the world?  Answer: Thats why there are good Archs that serve you and there are Good dimemsion's servants (Angels) that don't allow that.  Some people are not helped and are possessed to teach them once purified from the evil have great meaning in their life, people who are possessed usually do magnificent things in their life afterwords.

The subject's mana will return unless the subject has deceased then it is free, but sometimes it will get lost and will not go to where it needs to and stays in it's own dimension trying to get to ours to fix something that is forgot to do, when fixed it will be officially free.

"Crazy" people have souls infected with evil that is trying to get through.  Though they wont even appear evil.  Like Rachel.  Kind person, but fought evil inside till it took over.

Slipped my mind to mension, once in Arizona, my family were driving around a mountain to the top and we were always close to the edge, I think i was 4 but like everybody els, we are forced to remember things that happen in our lives forever no matter how long ago.  I know till this day, an ArchAngel formed as a man came from nowhere in the small dirt road and said that the bridge ahead is out, and he just kept walking passed our car then bahind us, I looked back and it was very cloudy (thats how high we were) and he vanished, when we turned the car around he was still gone, he didn't have a truck or anything and there is no way he could have jumped down or climbed up the hill without getting seriously injured.  When we drove back down the mountain, we heard that the bridge suddenly collapsed by the time we would have been on it.  Thats how I know that our spirit gives us advice and our Arch Angels work in our lives like gives you car trouble to prevent an accident or saves you from cancer or a heart attack.

It is very scary to think about these things, knowing that they are very real.  It is horrifying to know that there are real evil things out there, demonic.. real.. things.  Its not a story, its not a horror movie, it is very real, the dead can move, even grow.  Proven, just dig one up.  But are some stuck in their decaying body?
Like what 'catfishbiff' said, "I could only blink" to find his room mates find him dead.  Trapped.  Or a decapitated individual, nobody dies instantly, the human head can stay conscience for 22 seconds after detached, but cant blink or move.  Why must one's soul leave the body yet he/she is not dead?  Why is it only sleep?  That is up to every one of you to decide.

Anymore Questions?
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Sleep paralysis research
« Reply #152 on: 13/06/2007 22:42:00 »

It is so frightening because you don’t have control over
Your future, you are hanging in the balance and the next
Minute will decide your fate, it feels like if you don’t manage
To wake up from your paralysis your soul shall be taken or
That u may die or you may remain trapped inside your corpse
I had it yesterday and it happened 3 times in a row because I
Fell asleep and became paralised each time
The worst position to sleep in is on your back as the paralysis
seems to be stronger and happens more often in this position.
Sleeping on your side is the best I have found (on your right side)
I did also manage to say 1 word only once but it came out
Like a sound that was out of synchronization, I tried to call
someone to come and shake me so maybe I could wake up!
LOL   ;D
It’s a very bad experience and like some of you  mentioned the
Evil presence iv had those too. But for me the paralasis is worse,
The evil that is their I always fight it and im not too scared of it
Because it makes me very angry and can fight. hahaha
Any way good luck to all the people that experience this crap !
 :) :) :)

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Sleep paralysis research
« Reply #153 on: 19/06/2007 01:58:19 »
I'm a 30 yr old guy who's had sleep paralysis since I was 13 yrs old.  I have it approx. once a month.  I only learned about sleep paralysis in the last few years, so now I find I can minimize the aftermath of SP, that is waking up terrified.

For me, I've always been able to breathe but unable to move my body.  I find that by trying to move your toes, this will help your body wake up fast enough.  The most effective way, for me, is I have my wife shake me and continue to shake me until I tell her I'm OK.  Lucky for me, when I have these episodes, I'm able to scream.  Of course, I can't move my mouth and tongue but I'm able to make loud sounds.  Try screaming without moving your tongue and mouth and you'll see what I mean.  Freaky, but at least it's a trigger for my wife to snap me out of it.  If my wife is out of town and I need to sleep alone, I'll always leave a light on in case I have SP that night.  I find it helps me recover after my body wakes up because you're not as terrified as if the room would be pitch black.

The most terrifying experience I had was last night actually.  I was dreaming and in the last seconds, I was actually lucid.  Then, the SP kicked in, I was lying on my back (which I never do) and I had someone standing in front of my bed.  All I saw were his legs and chest (jeans and shirt).  I get chills as I write this.  I've had similar experiences in the past, where I was on my chest and felt a pressure in my back and I could see a dark shadow behind me.  Apparently this is normal as well (Old Hag Syndrome).  Freaky, but normal.  However, yesterday was no dark shadow.  After my wife woke me, I was so terrified the rest of the night.

Anyways, I just wanted to share my experiences.  I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one suffering from SP.


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Sleep paralysis research
« Reply #154 on: 21/06/2007 00:55:37 »
Wow, this thread just grows and grows.  Anyhow, I had a couple more Sp experiences since I've last posted.  What's hilarious is that it's become a game for me.  I realized that if I begin to feel fear, it becomes sudden hell.  In the darkness (which seems to be the recent theme, where everything is just a dark nothingness), my leg started to be tugged, I thought, "Crap, I'm thinking of fear" and just that thought alone made that tug an yanking.  Soon I was playing tug-of-war with... hm, I wonder what it was.  Anyhow, the "thing" pulling my leg, although was "winning", could not pull me away from where I was (although I was really nowhere inside the vast of darkness), perhaps a few inches.  Then it started spinning me around and around, as if trying to twist the attachment between me and the surface apart.  It didn't work.
The day after that, I thought, "If I thought fear... it becomes scary, but what if I thought of... her (a particular girl I've had a crush on for a while)?  So I tried my best to remember, and I did.  I began thinking her name, repeating it in my head and thinking of her image.  Although it didn't work out as planned, I met with a different girl... of which I've cannot say I have had any real experience or imaginations with.  It was very brief, as if I couldn't sustain the ability to "control" my dream, and I woke up.

What do I make of this?
A) It's all in the mind in these two cases
B) Experimentation with such phenomenons are scary.  Why?  Because sometimes you think "maybe I'll just let it win and 'take me', but just before it feels like it's really going to take you, you panic.  I imagine it to be the sudden regret of those committing suicide.
C) These two dreams do not conclude what my beliefs of SP are.

For those who are interested in experimenting with it, please share your experiment results :D

I'm 19 and been experiencing SP since i was about 15, when it first happened it scared the crap out of me one minute i was lying in bed going to sleep, the next i was just froze but i knew i was still awake in my head it was a very daunting experience and was every time it happened for a year or so...after a while i found out why this was happening to me, i used to take Ecstasy and i realised every time i took it the night after id get SP and it would happen over the next couple of days.

I tryed telling my mum about it but she kept saying i must of been dreaming which i know for a fact i wasn't and still know now. I still take cocaine occasionally ( i know this is wrong but when i go out drinking i sometimes take it) and this also sometimes brings on my SP...Ive learnt how to control it now though like fm47 said its almost like a game to me now, at first i was terrified of it and it would happen then id wake up try to sleep and it would happen again a few times but now when i go into it if i think of something i can make it happen in my mind, i know it sounds completely crazy but its true, like if i think I'm on a rollercoaster i can be on one for a minute or so i can enjoy it sometimes lol until it gets annoying and i want to go to sleep !!

I'm glad Ive found this forum because when Ive told my mates they think I'm lying or like my mum thought just dreaming he he but now i know and id like to find out more about it.

I said i can control it but not all the time, sometimes when i go into it ill hear my stepdad or a mate/brother walk in my room and touch my leg, or speak and i cant move its scary even though i think in my head its not real it seems so real its unbelievable I'm sure you lot know what I'm talking about.

My advice to you is when you go into it if its scary, this might sound daft but think of something like going for a walk or in my case being on a rollercoaster :p i hope it works with you.

Ill keep checking back here to see whats said and look at your experiences...Thanks for reading this !

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Sleep paralysis research
« Reply #155 on: 28/06/2007 07:45:28 »
Hello guys ... I'm glad I could find you :d ...
I'm alex ; I live in romania ; I have 23 years old and I am a student ; due to the nature of my work and unwillingly other activities that involve the computer I spend lot's of time in front of it . A year ago I started having problems with my back but nothing serious ... Two months ago I reched that state that often I couldn't stay in front of the computer more than 15 minutes without becoming dizzy and nauseaus after I stoped using it ... I thought I had cervical discopaty or something like that because I felt my neck and lower-back head heavy... I went to the doctor and I took a neck radiography and nothing showed up ...
In the same time I was doing this , when I sleept (that is for about three months ago), that is when I slept only on the back side(i do not recolect having experienced "sleep paralysis" some other position) I had experienced exactly , shockingly-striking similar experiences as you did ... Sensation of paralisys, sensation of vibration of muscles (like someone electrocuted me), sensation that I can't breathe (maybe it wasn't a sensation) ; I was at first frightened ; even one time I had the sensation someone was pushing my chest down to the bed not letting me rise up (like a ghost or something ) etc ;
I recolect a month ago ,before I startted do take physical exercises I was at school and suddenly for a second (maybe even shorter than that) , I felt my head falling down and a very sleepy sensation (quite intense) and I started to panic but that never happened again .
Also when I stretch my neck very intense I get dizzy and sleepy
so my opinion is that I developed "sleep paralysis" due to longterm use of the computer, very little, or none, physical exercises ;
3 weeks ago I started taking exercises , push-ups, arm sthrengtening exercises, and I don't feel the dizzines and the hard neck sensation so much intense ; in fact I feel realy good ; I don't even have the sensation of not breathing good anymore , except when I sleep on my back and develop "sleep paralysis" .

So what's your story ? Do you have neck problems ? Narcolepsy ?

Ooo : even when I was a little boy(10-12 yrs) I was very lazy, all the day I felt tired and wanted to sleep for no reason ; I find this sensation quite frequent today even though when I start to do something physically active it disipears ....

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Sleep paralysis research
« Reply #156 on: 06/03/2008 10:56:49 »
I'm not wondering yet about being paralyzed at night ;). But i just want to ask, did somebody tried to see what will happen next in this situation and not just trying to wake up as possible as you can? I now that fear is against you( presence in the room(i always feel it, but never seen any shadows). Did somebody tried into eyes of horror [?] I don't remember where, but i read somewhere, that one woman decided to to be over that fear and demons, shadows, hags :D ...... etc. and after that all this creatures just disappeared and she can do now OBE( out of body expir) without fear!

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Sleep paralysis research
« Reply #157 on: 14/05/2008 00:16:34 »
Hello to all on the forum.

After another 6 episodes of this strange phenomenon on saturday night within 1 hour and being completly awake. I had went to my doctors on monday looking for an answer to this. I will explain what happened on the saturday night. I had went to bed around 23:30 pm i was watching tv when suddenly i felt a strange sensation throughout my body it felt like an electrical
shock i could not move i was paralyzed except i could move my eyes. I was in this state for at least 2 mins at a time during this i heard a loud buzzing in my ears and felt that my body was slowly raising from my bed even i was trying to fight this feeling and then i could move my right thumb and my right big toe no other movement i was able to perform. I could hear and feel my heartbeat in every episode. When i had came out of this strange state i had woken my wife up and told her if it happened again i was going to go to hospital. I then most of dropped off to sleep without another episode.Upon waking up on the sunday i felt exsausted for the whole day i did not feel right at all for the whole day.

Before i explain what the doctor said to me i will explain that around 2 years ago i was diagnosed with wolff parkinsons white syndrome please see link.
newbielink: [nonactive]
I had been experiencing this sort of strange sensations for years since a child before i had the nerve to talk to the doctor about this 2 years ago then i was sent for tests and this is when i was diagnosed with wolff parkinson white syndrome i am on medication which is flecainide acetate. Since taking the medication these episodes stopped until saturday night.

Now going back to the my story.
When i had seen my doctor on monday i explained all this to my doctor he asked my if i felt stressed in anyway i my reply was no he then took my heartbeat and stated that my reading was over 100 and it should be around 70 he asked my some other questions like do i smoke do i drink or do i take
recreational drugs. My reply was no he then thought that maybe i was taking a panic attack while experiencing an episode of cardiac arrhythmia. I tried to explain that this was no panic attack but he seemed to think that it was putting it down to stress levels for which i still do not think it is. The doctor then increased my medication and made an appointment for me to see him two days later as he was not happy that my heart rate is so high. I am going back to see him wednesday about this.

I am looking for some help or advice if anyone can help me as i don't think the doctor is correct and i am terrified so is my wife that the next episode could be my last and i will die from this the doctor has told me that wont happen but i am not so sure because at the time of these episodes on saturday night they were getting worse from 1st to last and now i feel my body is completly drained of energy.

I have tried looking for an answer on the internet but most of the answers is sleep paralysis or out of body experiences and maybe the doctor is right but it does not add up to me at all.

Thanks for the time in reading this


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Sleep paralysis research
« Reply #158 on: 06/07/2008 20:35:54 »
Actually maybe god does need nostrils, if we are god but thats a different discussion! Hello people this is my first ever post on a forum and im 38!

I have a long history of SP and other lucid dream type stuff, when i was younger i would have to scream to wake myself up from terrifying dreams (usually about dogs!) and then in my twenties i had a long period of lucid dreams which where mainly harmless and i used to really enjoy being kind of 'awake' within my own dreams. I connected the latter with a lack of control over my own life which was very true at the time.

As i gained more control over my own life and became a 'free man' at 30 and began to indulge in all of the pleasures i had been forbid during my relationship and bringing up my son. Hedonism is the word here i think and like Noel Gallager said, 'Taking drugs is like having a cup of tea' and is more true now than then - not necessarily for me now tho' as i have very good reasons not to!

I have read quite a lot of the posts on here and can say i have experienced virtually all of the SP symptoms discussed. Only mine have been self inflicted to a certain degree... They started in '99 after a trip to ibiza introduced me to ecstasy pills which where taken every night for a week (i must mention at the same time i had just got my first apple mac - this is to do with the stuff ive read on here to do with spending long hours at a monitor). Upon returning i had a kind of sleep paralysis every night for at least two weeks that went like this:

Lets call it "Ecstacy/MDA Honeymoon period SP"
Before going to sleep i'd sense something wrong, a fear, and hear a high pitched frequency like a hiss. Sometimes before going to sleep or going into sleep i would hear an electronic 'beep' or series of beeps.
During my sleep at a certain point it felt like something was entering my body - a large vibrating dense wave going through my body and mind - being aware of this happening physically and not being able to wake up. It felt like a presence or something entering my physical being, the vibration was intense and bit like being raped  by an evil force and not being able to move at all even though my mind was awake.
I discussed this with friends and some had similar things to say but they didnt seem as perturbed about it as me and someone put it down to the seretotin that had been drained from your brain filling back up during your sleep or something and this seemed a fair explantion at the time. It didnt however explain the 'other dimensional' SP dreams of 'things' being in my room like little devil like creatures dancing on my bed, woman with the long face and evil men standing in my room.

Over the years of recreational drug taking things got worse and i used to call them 'black Wednesdays'. I'll list a few experiences here, i can only remember the more eventful ones and probably the ones i have told to friends:

One time watching tele with my brother and mate i was unable to keep my eyes open on a monday night after an indulgent weekend. After having dosed off i found myself floating outside my body, out of the living room and into the kitchen, above my brother and friend who where talking to each other. It was so real i freaked out and was able to wake myself out of it. When i did i got up and walked into the kitchen to find them standing in the same place.

Once after thinking i was awake but then being aware that i was in 'the other dimension' - that between sleep and waking - i was outside my body in my bedroom and being 'carried' underarm and flown around by something that had large black wings. There was two of them and the one that had a hold of me flew and clung to the wall. I could see my bedroom exactly as it was on that day and knew it was 'real'. The other flew over, they had long black faces and he said to the one holding me 'This is him isnt it?'. I was scared but no where near as scared as with the usual 'evil presences' and didnt necessarily feel that they were evil.

I have seen a lot of things with my eyes wide open, after i have been able to snap myself out of the other dimension - One time i was in the 'inbetween state' as i call it and had a evil almost goblin like figure with large old face just pointing and touching my face (which i could feel). Absolutely shitting myself i pulled myself out of it - my eyes did not need to open, they already were - and the figure was still there even when i was out of the paralysis, i could still see it right in front of me for quite some time before it faded away. Another time was similar but the figure was lying in my bed with me, this figure was a dead body of sorts but less human - more what we would describe as alien i suppose. After a long time being scared i was able to 'wake properly', and was able to lie there in my bed looking at the figure still there completely awake for a good few minutes - but the fear was gone as i knew i was out of the 'other dimension'. Just lying there being able to look up anf down at this figure while it faded away was freakin surreal experience, people think your nuts when you tell them!

Anyway i've calmed down a lot over the last 2 years in my substance abuse and have to take a firm stance with myself so i dont spend a week in bed hell. But i havent yet made the jump to a drug free life. But after what this week has brought me i know im ready for the wagon full time. I went to Glastonbury last weekend for the first time and had the time of my life - so good i actually forgot why i shouldnt say yes to 'fancy a dip of MDMA?' from every one i was with to everyone i met and their grandmothers.

This week - lots of people in my bed!! Grabbing me from all angles - smothering my face etc., i could realy feel the hands on my skin - the dirty bastards! And at one point snapping out of it and seeing a cluster of hands in broad daylight all wriggling from behind my curtains. The worst one being when something ran over my bed and i heard and saw my duvet cover move with their hands and feet.

Im definitely convinced that it is another dimension i go to and i don't really think that's to far fetched as other dimensions have been scientifically proven recently (i think or is it just theory?) Ive always equated it to a yin-yan rollercoster thing myself in that if you take a piece of heaven you dont deserve then you will pay for it. But i think theres more to it than that - theses drugs that everyone thinks it's ok to take cannot be good for your soul - they enhance a physical enforced happyness that propells the soul toward the light, i know - i have touched heaven before. Once you have done this then i think then your soul is left susceptible and detached from your physical being and open to interference from darker realms.

Sometimes I feel as if my soul has woken up before me and found itself in the same place but in another dimension. A dimension where they want your soul for keeps.

All this of course for me is very self inflicted and i feel for those who have SP without indulging in drugs. Just reading some of the posts on here though has brought to light that it's not just a dark and evil place because im 'being punished' mentaly for getting far to high.

But i would like to ask those who have, (well lets call it) 'Clean SP' ! - When you get it have you had a time that was euphorically happy some time or days before it happens? - maybe even incredibly good sex or falling in love? I think this is relevant somehow if we take into account how much the brain is drained of its natural juices when taking drugs like ecstasy, after all the drug doesn't give you anything itself.

I think the spiritual insights and the more scientific aspects of all this should be investigated side by side, as even from the perspective of those who do not believe in the soul, the soul can just be a word for the electricity and thoughts in your brain, 'the essence of you'.

Theres so much i would love to say here about what ive learned and my deeper views on why taking pills especially is wrong road - im sure there are a lot of people who have wrote on this forum -the students epecialy! - who have not even made the link between SP and drugs.

All i can say is that if there was such a thing as the 'devil' personified, he'd be selling drugs to everyone and helping to create a world culture where everyone accepts it and is largely dependant on it to have a good time. I have different friends from many cultures, classes and ages and from what i can gather it's getting there as i can speak to most about SP, and 'the fear' and the evil.

Ive decided im getting as far away from that dark place as possible and towards the light.

Sleep tight. :)


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Sleep paralysis research
« Reply #159 on: 07/07/2008 10:35:13 »
You Know one day some of you may actually listen to me waffling on about Inclined Bed Therapy for helping with sleep paralysis. My wife has this conditions and Inclining the bed has helped her tremendously by vastly reducing the episodes she has from several a night down to very rarely almost non existent and when they do happen they are easier to pull out of.

Google “Andrew K Fletcher” or “Inclined Bed therapy” Or carry on experiencing this terrifying problem.

You can lead a horse to water but You can't make them drink.

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Sleep paralysis research
« Reply #159 on: 07/07/2008 10:35:13 »


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