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Author Topic: What takes the place of oil in a well when it has been pumped out?  (Read 1965 times)

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Harry Dawes  asked the Naked Scientists:
Hi Chris

I listen to you on Friday mornings with Redi but couldn't get my question in and it has bugged me for many years: What takes the place of oil in a well when it has been pumped out, also gas?

Hoping for an answer

Harry Dawes

What do you think?
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Oil and gas are often trapped in porous rock between non-porous rock strata (above), and subterranean water (below).
As the oil and gas are removed, the water flows into the porous rock.

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In unusual cases, oil and the water migrated into reservoirs actually cause subsidence of the surface due to the unconsolidated and semi-consolidated sands forming the reservoir becoming compacted as a result of the loss of the water partially supporting the solid sand grains. The city of Houston, Texas has a large part of its road repair budget devote to fixing the linear cracks due to faults of 5 inches or more that have developed.

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In the case of Phillips Ekofisk field inthe North Sea the subsidence was of the order of several metres:

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