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Author Topic: What is the correct abbreviation for MSc - Master of Science?  (Read 407 times)

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Hello friends,

I recently had a professional card printed to 200 copies.

The personnel of the store that I made the card, did a mistake and wrote on the card the abbreviation of Master of Science (I have a master’s degree) with small “s” and not with capital “S” (I live in Europe, I know that in the US the above abbreviation is used to be MS).


“Msc” and not “MSc”.

I consider that the correct is “MSc” with capital “S”.

Do you think that the abbreviation with small “s” is OK?

Do I need to have my card printed again?

Thank you in advance.
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People who count - who you want to be taking note of your card - will probably think that you have poor attention to detail or, worse, don't actually realise the mistake.

If it were me, I'd ditch the dodgy cards and make new ones.

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Friend chris,

Thank you for the reply.

I would like to inform you that I finally printed again the card at the same store.

The problem now is the use of comma after the profession title, because I said to them to add one.

For example:

The correct is "Name, Engineer MSc" or "Name, Engineer, MSc"?

I searched on internet and I found that the use of comma is the more common option.


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