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Mon, 8th Mar 2010

Tuberculosis and Methane Time Bombs

Magnetic lines of force of a bar magnet shown by iron filings on paper (c)

On this week's NewsFlash, the gene combination that's perfect for tuberculosis, the methane time-bomb ticking off the Siberian coast, the first human writing and how doctors are knocking migraines on the head with a magnet!

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  • 00:10 - Gene combo causes susceptibility to tuberculosis

    Researchers have discovered a key reason why some people are susceptible to TB and others arenít. Publishing in the journal Cell, Lalita Ramakrishnan and colleagues from the University of Washington think that itís the levels of an enzyme called LTA4H which give some people bett...

  • 02:35 - East Siberian Methane Timebomb

    Scientists have discovered that millions of tonnes of sequestered methane locked up beneath the shallow ocean shoreline of Siberia are becoming unstable and escaping into the air, threatening to accelerate climate change.

  • 04:48 - The Earliest Symbolic Scratchings

    This week archaeologists have described the discovery of some of the earliest evidence for advanced human thought. Publishing in the journal PNAS, Pierre-Jean Texier and colleagues have analysed nearly 300 bits of carved ostrich shell from a site in South Africa.

  • 07:24 - Researchers wind back Earth's Magnetic Clock

    Scientists have found evidence for a magnetic field around the Earth at least 250 million years earlier than previously thought

  • 10:08 - Magnets Mitigate Migraine

    Researchers have identified how a hand held magnetic device could mitigate the pain of migraine...



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