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Sun, 3rd Oct 2010

The First Habitable Exoplanet

Gliese 581 (c) Digital Sky Survey / ESO

It's a bumper crop of "firsts" in this NewsFlash, as we discover the first habitable exoplanet and the first flapless aeroplane!  We'll also find out how mental competition helps to chose which hand to use, and how Raman spectroscopy can help to identify smuggled cocaine...

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  • 00:26 - Flapless Aircraft takes to the air

    Ever since the Wright brothers first took to the air in 1908 aircraft have been controlled by moving surfaces in order to deflect air in different ways, in a conventional plane, elevators, aerolons etc. Now BAE systems have flown the first flapless aircraft...

  • 02:53 - Hand preference arises from a competition in the brain

    Researchers writing in the journal PNAS this week have come a little bit closer to understanding how the brain chooses which hand to use for any particular action. They think it comes down to a mental competition between the hands....

  • 05:10 - A new Earth-like exoplanet

    This week, astronomers at the University of California, Santa Cruz and also from the Carnegie Institution of Washington have announced the discovery of an Earth-like planet thatís outside our own solar system. Itís thought that liquid water, as well as an atmosphere, could exis...

  • 11:16 - Double current in solar cells

    The best way of making solar electricity cheaper is to get more electricity per square metre of panel. Now researchers at Colorado State University and University of Wyoming solar energy laboratory may have found ways to convert far more of the incipient solar energy into electr...



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