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Sun, 21st Aug 2011

Finding Diamonds in Flames

DiamondView image of a natural diamond (c) Philip Martineau

We discover diamonds in candle flames in this week's Naked Scientists NewsFlash, but sadly, only a few atoms across!  In other news we hear about a new technique for discovering which old drugs will treat existing diseases, how artificial chromosomes may help to treat a type of muscular dystrophy, and why solar seismology can forecast sunspots.

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  • 07:52 - Artificial Chromosomes for Muscular Dystrophy

    Duchenne muscular dystrophy, or DMD, is a genetic condition in which sufferers lack the ability to produce dystrophin an essential structural protein in muscles. The size of the dystrophin gene precludes existing gene therapy techniques, but researchers in Italy could achieve...

  • 14:13 - Diamonds in Flames

    Diamonds have been found in candle flames...



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