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Sun, 25th Sep 2011

Hunting the Hunter and Looking into our minds

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This week, the hunter becomes the hunted in a new discovery with beetle larvae and we find out how computer simulation can be used to image what someone is seeing. Plus, how T cells can be taught to tolerate friendly bacteria, using water to produce limitless supplies of hydrogen, neutrinos travelling faster than the speed of light and the benefits of promiscuity!

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  • 00:24 - DEET Scrambles Sense of Smell

    DEET is one of the most common chemicals in insect repellents, but since its invention scientists have been unable to settle a decision about exactly how it works. Now, work published in Nature suggests that DEET not only confuses scientists, but confuses insects too by scrambl...

  • 03:07 - Predator-Prey role reversal: hunter becomes hunted

    The hunter has become hunted. Israeli scientists have discovered a species of beetle larva that uses its antennae to attract amphibians much larger than itself before using razor-sharp jaws to pounce and latch on. The unfortunate frog or toad is rapidly reduced to a dessicated h...

  • 11:37 - Teaching T Cells to Tolerate Friends

    Teaching the immune system to tolerate certain friendly bacteria is an important step towards gut health, and this week researchers in America have shed some light on how and where those lessons take place...

  • 14:47 - Pitcher plant-inspired liquid repellent

    Inspired by the insect-eating pitcher plant, scientists have created a material capable of repelling almost any liquid including blood and even crude oil...



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