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Sun, 16th Oct 2011

Protein, Plague and Playing Nicely With Others

Young Male Chimp (c) Frans de Waal, Emory University

In this NewsFlash, why a high protein diet stops you from snacking, the protein "restraining order" for gut bugs, and how Plague hasn't changed in 600 years.  Plus, we discover the DNA scalpel technique that can repair single mutations leaving no trace...

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In this edition of Naked Scientists NewsFLASH

Full Transcript

  • 00:25 - A low protein diet increases snacking

    A study published in PLoS One that shows that having a lower percentage of protein in the diet can lead to more snacking behaviour and more perceived hunger.

  • 03:51 - Protein “Restraining Order” for Gut Bacteria

    An antibacterial protein secreted in the small intestine creates a tiny “no man’s land” between the wall of the intestine and the bacteria that live inside the gut. Breakdown of this physical buffer could lead to Inflammatory Bowel Disease and other chronic problems...

  • 12:56 - Black Death Bacterium Unchanged in Centuries

    Researchers have for the first time mapped the genome of Yersinia pestis, the bacterium that caused the Black Death - the plague between 1347 and 1351 that killed up to 30 million people - 50% of the population of Europe at the time.

  • 15:43 - Need help? Ask a Child, Not a Chimp

    Children are more likely to seek assistance in a task than chimpanzees, suggesting that a motivation to work together could be part of what makes us “human”...

  • 19:26 - Fighting Infections and Mimicking Muscles

    We find out why Vitamin D can keep Tuberculosis at bay, how muscles can be mimicked with nanotubes, how prosthetic can be controlled using brain signals and another reason to eat your greens...



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