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Mon, 7th Nov 2011

Repairing Nerves and Roaring Lions

Female Lion (c) Mila Zinkova

In this NewsFlash, we get the latest from the National Cancer Research Institute's conference in Liverpool, find out why removing genes can help repair neurons, and why clearing out old cells can help reduce diseases of old age.  Plus, how nicotine primes the brain for cocaine addiction, and how the lion got it's roar.

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In this edition of Naked Scientists NewsFLASH

Full Transcript

  • 00:17 - The National Cancer Research Institute's Cancer Conference

    Kat Arney offers a roundup of the latest news, and what to expect from the National Cancer Research Institute's annual cancer conference, held this year in Liverpool...

  • 04:05 - Remove Genes to Repair Nerves

    Deletion of two regulatory genes allows damaged neurons to grow back in a sustained way. This could point the way to new drug targets that encourage nerve regrowth and encourage functional recovery...

  • 06:33 - Clearing Old Cells Prevents Old Age Diseases

    Most cell types in our body are being constantly replenished, but we still get old. A sub population of cells are said to undergo senescence – chemical controls kick in and stop them from dividing to produce new cells. When we’re young, these are then cleared out by the immune...

  • 12:43 - Drug Addiction, Polluted Cyclones and Roaring Lions

    This week's NewsFlash explores how smoking could pave the way for cocaine use, how our skin sees sunlight in order to protect us and the secret of being a roaring success...



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