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Mon, 21st Nov 2011

Neutrinos and Nutrition

A pair of cheeseburgers (c) Jef Poskanzer from Berkeley, California, USA

Neutrinos, Neuroscientists and Nutrition fill up this week's Naked Scientists NewsFlash!  We'll hear how repeated experiments bear out the idea that neutrinos may travel faster than light, find out why thousands of neuroscientists have decended on Washington DC, and how to protect cells from radiation.  Plus, how the brain responds to different diets!

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Full Transcript

  • 00:21 - More superluminal neutrinos

    In September results indicating that neutrinos travel faster than the speed of light were released, this week the same group has released further data.

  • 04:51 - Bringing Together Brain Scientists

    Over 32, 000 neuroscientists, from around the world, converged in Washington, DC, this week for the 2011 Society for Neuroscience Conference, which included over 16,000 presentations!

  • 09:38 - Powering up radiotherapy

    A way to boost the effectiveness of radiotherapy and protect patients and even astronauts from the effects of radiation exposure has been discovered by scientists at Oslo University.

  • 13:11 - Tree based brew

    American scientists are brewing trees more effectively than ever before to make fuel for your car.



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