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Mon, 13th Feb 2012

Disguising Cancer as Salmonella

Salmonella in the Stomach (c)

In this NewsFlash, we’ll hear how disguising cancer cells as salmonella could hold the key to producing anti-cancer vaccines, explore a link between the Y-chromosome and heart disease, and discover a new drug that can knock the cause of Alzheimer’s on the head.  Plus, a new Olympic effort to get school children to understand exercise and the body...

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In this edition of Naked Scientists NewsFLASH

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  • 00:17 - Y Chromosome yields heart disease clues

    Although deaths from heart disease are falling, it's still a major killer. And men are more likely to suffer coronary heart disease than women of the same age. Now, research published in the Lancet shows that there may actually be a genetic component at work...

  • 03:49 - Feed a cold, starve a cancer

    A self-inflicted fast might double the effectiveness of anticancer treatments, new research has shown...

  • 06:05 - Disguising Cancer as Salmonella

    Can we trick the immune system into attacking cancer cells by disguising them as bacteria? New research suggests that adding a bacterial flagellum gets results...

  • 12:55 - Drug knocks Alzheimer's on the head

    A drug licensed for lymphoma and used to treat several forms of cancer may also be an effective anti-Alzheimer's agent, new research has revealed...

  • 15:18 - Olympic Effort to get Children into Biology

    A new project launched in London this week ahead of the 2012 Olympics to get school children across the country thinking about their bodies and how they work (if they needed any help with that) using sports exercise and a range of scientific experiments. Meera Senthilingam went ...



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