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Sun, 11th Dec 2011

We Fish you a Merry Christmas

Christmas manta ray animation still by Jo and Joe cards (c) Jo and Joe cards

Things get distinctly festive in Naked Oceans this month as we crack open the mulled wine, scoff some mince pies, and settle down next to the roaring fire to bring you our exclusive guide to ocean-friendly gifts. Look no further for some exciting ideas to treat your ocean-loving family and friends - we've got it all here, from buying them their very own slice of virtual coral reef, to sustainable fishy pets, and some wonderful e-cards featuring a plethora of marine critters that help raise money for ocean conservation. And we're keeping things spick and span in Critter of the Month as we ask another marine expert to tell us, if they were a marine critter, which one they'd be, and why.

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  • 22:00 - Adopt a baby lobster

    This Christmas, why not adopt a baby lobster?

  • 24:33 - Oysters in Trouble

    Another popular piece of seasonal seafood is the oyster, but a new report suggests we should be careful, due to infection of oysters by norovirus...

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