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Fri, 6th Feb 2015

Can animals predict the weather?

Elephants (c)  Diana Robinson

Can we manufacture water? Should women eat uncastrated meat? Can animals predict the weather? Is there a loss of vitamin content in tinned food? If you're in an aeroplane traveling at the speed of light, could you walk to the front of the plane? What causes chronic flatulence? Plus, counting chickens!

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Daniela, you couldn't because no particle (object) with mass is able to travel at the speed of light so nor you neither the plane could be travelling at the speed of light. I liked your question (rewritten to make sense) because it was one of mines before finishing high school, but to understand thatthe answer need some knowledge, not much but some, about relativity... Your question should be something like this: if i move at 0.8 in a plane that moves at 0.9c Am I travelling at 1.7c? Answer: no, for every passenger you are moving at 0.8c and for me, an inertial observer sitting at home, you are moving at 0.98c theSpanishScientist, Thu, 12th Feb 2015

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