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Sat, 13th Apr 2013

Doing the twist - packing DNA

Histones and DNA (c) Zephyris

Almost every single cell of your body is packed with more than two metres of DNA, containing your genes. But not only does it have to be packed up to fit in there, it also has to be organised and read. Plus, how DNA twist might be linked to cancer, analysing dinosaur DNA, and an adventurous gene of the month.

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  • 16:17 - Dr Nick Gilbert - Twisting DNA

    In our cells, DNA is wrapped around ball-like packing proteins. But why doesn't it get all tangled up? And what does it look like?

  • 23:45 - How is dinosaur DNA purified?

    Hi this is Steve Cherry from Lethbridge Alberta Canada. I listen to your great podcasts every weekend after our own domestic science show Quirks and Quarks. My question is: I read that a couple of researchers have said they have extracted dinosaur DNA, how do they separate it fro...

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