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Naked Genetics episode

Sat, 13th Jul 2013

Let's talk about sex

Sex (c) Nevit

Summer loving is in the air, so what better time to think about sex? But we’re not going to get graphic - we’re talking about the genetics of sex determination. Plus, why turkeys need a wingman, figuring out fingerprints, and a leggy gene of the month.

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  • 13:33 - Three-person IVF

    The UK government has given the green light to 3-person IVF. We take a look at the technology and implications.

  • 16:21 - The taste of male fertility

    US researchers have made the surprising discovery that two genes involved in taste also play a role in male fertility.

  • 17:14 - Cheer up, sleepy genes

    Researchers at MIT have discovered that a gene called SIRT1, involved in ageing, also plays an important role in the bodyclock

  • 18:26 - Professor Edith Heard - X inactivation

    Female mammals have two X chromosomes, while males are XY. This double dose of X can cause problems, as Professor Edith Heard explains.

  • 26:08 - How does the body make fingerprints?

    Hi Chris I listen to you every Friday on 702 and really enjoy and learn a lot from your programme. How come one's fingerprints exist? I assume it's genetic and that the body when regenerating (e.g. after a burn) knows to produce the same fingerprint over and over. Could y...

  • 28:21 - Gene of the month - Antennapedia

    Our gene of the month is Antennapedia, which literally means “antenna feet”.

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