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Tue, 13th Aug 2013

Genes, infections and immunity

Sneeze (c) CDC

Why can some people stay fit as a fiddle, while other seem to catch every bug thatís going? As you might expect, the answer lies in our genes. Plus, a multitude of mutant mice, the state of gene therapy for epilepsy, and an unseeing gene of the month.

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  • 00:57 - Dr Julian Knight - Genes and immunity

    Why do some people fight off infections easily while others become seriously ill? The answer is in our genes, as Dr Julian Knight explains.

  • 08:56 - Many new mouse mutations

    Researchers have published the first results from an ambitious study to knock out, or delete, every gene in mice.

  • 13:03 - Tracing lung cancer

    Cancer Research UK scientists have announced an ambitious project to track the evolution of lung cancer in more than 800 patients.

  • 16:24 - Is fatness in the genes?

    Scientists have discovered that mice carrying a faulty version of a gene called Mrap2 gain weight, while eating the same as normal mice

  • 17:09 - Genes and cholera

    Researchers studying people in Bangladesh have tracked down genetic regions that affect susceptibility to cholera infection.

  • 17:50 - Chemicals reprogramme cells

    Scientists have converted adult cells into stem cells using just a handful of chemicals.

  • 28:33 - Gene of the month - Eyeless

    Our gene of the month is Eyeless - a master switch that's used across many different organisms to create eyes.

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