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Sun, 11th Mar 2007

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Contaminated petrol, astronauts in danger of lung diseases, a new way to put the brakes on car accident rates, gas sensors made from silicon replicas of marine algae, how pollution is causing droughts, plus a healthy digest of your science questions and emails top the bill in this week's Naked Scientists.

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  • Could you use a vacuum to dry clothes?

    Would it be practical to build a large vacuum chamber, put the clothes inside, pump the air out and therefore lower the pressure, and that makes the water in the clothes boil or evaporate off? Would the clothes survive the experiment? And would it be energy efficient?

  • Why do large meteors release somuch energy?

    When a meteor hits the Earth like the one that was supposed to have killed off the dinosaurs, it hit with the impact of hundreds or even thousands of nuclear bombs going off. Why was that? If I was to throw a large rock off the Empire State building it would make a big crater but...

  • Seeing the invisible

    Carbon Dioxide is an invisible gas that amongst other things we breath out. In this experiment you can see it.



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