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Sat, 25th Aug 2007

Best of the Naked Scientists 2

This week, we look back at more of the very best bits of Naked Science. We find out why scientists are swollen with success after discovering spider venom with Viagra-like properties, We meet a cow that produces skimmed milk straight from the udder, we remember a way to improve brain function and ask if a hot mint will still taste cold? Also - It's curtains for us! Joel Veitch explains why we should measure hazardicity in 'Curtains', we hear about some very clever birds who make plans for the future and we probe the hole in the ozone layer. Plus, we have two of the best kitchen science experiments - finding out how to make a jar of dry rice sticky, and if a beer belly can stop a bullet!

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I found it:- Ben Aldhouse, Wed, 12th Sep 2007

Thanks Ben, glad you liked it.

Chris chris, Thu, 13th Sep 2007

I couldn't believe it today whilst listening to the curtains story on this edition - I realized that Joel Veitch is the guy behind the sinister eastern block dancing kittens video. That video is utterly brilliant. If you havent seen it - go to and see it now. (I couldn't find it - but it must still be in there somewhere)

This was a great collection of great stories. Having the sinister eastern block stasi kittens guy in it just made it perfect. Or should I say purrfect.
Ben Aldhouse, Thu, 5th Nov 2009

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