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Sat, 8th Sep 2007

More Answers to Your Questions

Green Racing Car (c) University of Warwick

This week, we look at the latest science news and tackle more of your questions.  We uncover the source of the asteroid that finished off the dinosaurs, find out how moray eels eat like aliens, and although we know that breast is best, could nicotine in smokers' breast milk be affecting childrens' behaviour?  Also, is the future of formula one eco-friendly?  Meera investigates race cars running on biofuels, and built from hemp and cashew nuts!  We discuss award winning beards, eerie glowing fish and what makes for a long life.  Plus, we find out what to expect at this year's BA Festival of Science in York, and in Kitchen Science Dave demonstrates how a pair of paperbacks can be stronger than a quarterback.

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  • 13:08 - Breastmilk and Nicotine

    Breastfeeding is the best was to nurture an infant, but what if you're a smoker? We're always told that smoking while pregnant is bad for the baby, so what about nicotine in breastmilk? Chris spoke to Julie Mennella...

  • 20:31 - Why can fish glow green?

    Last week I bought some fresh cod from the market, as my fridge doesn't have a lightbulb inside, I discovered that the fish was glowing a greenish blue colour through it's wrapping! Knowing that I live 20km from a nuclear ower plant I got a bit scared and threw the fish away. Ho...

  • 25:11 - Separating Books

    Using nothing but a tiny bit of friction stick two books together so you can't pull them apart.

  • 34:24 - F1 goes Green!

    We’re all being asked to lower our carbon footprint and one area where you’d think this would be nearly impossible is the world of Formula one racing. But scientists are now working on a way to reduce the damage that results from this sport. Meera went along to the Science Muse...

  • 48:51 - The BA Festival of Science

    Every year, the British Association for the Advancement of Science, the BA, hold a festival. They go to a different university each year and the idea is to make science fun and interesting for the masses. We spoke to Sue Hordijenko, one of the people responsible for making it...

  • 55:10 - Can unusual fish live in power station outlets?

    When a power station has an outlet into the sea, I've heard that you can get colonies of fish that wouldn't otherwise be in the area. Are their certain breeds of fish that like to hang around near nuclear power stations?



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