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Sun, 13th Jan 2008

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This week, we uncover an ideal anti-freeze for ice-cream, find out how scientists grew a new heart in a dish and hear how four simple lifestyle changes could make you live fourteen years longer.  Also, we find out about the technology of the future, the tropical Paris of the past and the crystal secret behind the silvery sheen on fish scales.  Plus, we asked for your questions and the floodgates opened!  Why isn't your urine affected by coloured drinks and what does it mean if it's frothy?  What happens when a lake is struck by lightning, and do you weigh less at the equator?  Meanwhile, in Kitchen Science, we also show you how to make an Oboe out of a drinking straw!

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  • 16:56 - If lightning strikes a pool youíre in are you fried?

    I understand that waterís quite a good insulator. If lightning strikes a pool youíre in are you fried? If thatís the case then how about if youíre in a lake?

  • 18:22 - What happens when your fingers crack?

    I have a class of year five students and weíve been learning how muscles work. Some of the kids noticed how they can make their joints crack. They didnít seem to be able to do it when theyíd been doing exercise. We want to know what happens when your fingers crack and why might ...

  • 20:06 - Straw Oboe

    Can a drinking straw be a musical instrument? Here is how to make a very simple if annoying oboe.

  • 21:17 - Does a cloud disperse in front of a plane?

    Sitting in our kitchen, looking at aeroplanes out of the window I noticed a different colour in front of the plane, as the plane moved along through some wispy cloud. As it crossed the sky there was a section in front of it that was darker. It almost looked as though the cloud ...

  • 24:34 - Rising Stars - Solitons and Superconductors

    Rising Star Ben Collie on his work in solitons, important in superconductors and the motors of the future...

  • 27:36 - Is my hearing aid working?

    Iím suffering from Meniereís disease , and so Iím 85% deaf in my right ear. I do have a hearing aid provided by the National Health Service. I have pretty good hearing in my left ear. Iíve been wearing this hearing aid for 18 months, but what Iíve found out through trial and e...

  • 31:33 - Chemistry World - Nanonails and Fish Scales

    This month, we explore a surface that becomes non-stick at the flip of a switch, visit the Paris of 55 million years ago, and the glistening secret of fish scales...

  • 37:25 - Must Have Gadgets?

    Technology correspondent Chris Vallance takes us through the new technology on show at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and a new way to search the internet...

  • 44:24 - What matter in the original atom bomb is converted to energy?

    If e=mc^2 and when an atom bomb goes off some matter is converted to energy Iíd like to know exactly what matter in the original atom bomb is converted to energy. Is it protons, neutrons, electrons? Is it a collection of atoms? What goes?

  • 45:46 - Boomerang Physics

    How does a boomerang work and what is the principle behind that?



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