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Sun, 11th Jan 2009

New Year, New Naked Science

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Happy New Year! For our first show of 2009, we take on your science questions. We find out how earthworms can get airborne, why people get cramp and why Dr Chris' hypnic jerk frightens people on the bus. We also listen to the flirtatious duet between two mosquitoes, find out how rocks are arranged on Mars, and how stem cells bring sight back to blind mice. Plus, we find out how to make indoor snow and explain why all of these snowflakes are identical, and in kitchen science Dave explains the science of sneezing on your computer screen!

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  • 16:08 - Making your own Aspirin

    Next time you have a headache, don't take an aspirin - make your own! It seems that humans can manufacture their own Salicylic Acid, which is a component of the popular painkiller...

  • 20:21 - Do we give out 'flirty' frequencies?

    Do we send out frequencies like this to make people get attracted to us?

  • 21:22 - Drop Magnifier

    Make the cheapest microscope in the world, using a piece of plastic and some water. And find out what it has to do with sneezing on your TV screen!

  • 23:17 - Can earthworms fly?

    I was cleaning the roof of my garage, sweeping falling leaves and branches away. There was all this decomposing matter there that had reached critical mass that was making soil on the roof. As I cleaned it off I was surprised to find healthy earthworms in the soil. How did they m...

  • 29:18 - Why do you get white blooms on refrigerated chocolate?

    Why do you get white blooms on refrigerated chocolate? I was recently given a block of chocolate from a friend and to avoid it melting, as it’s currently summer here in Australia, i put it in the fridge. Finally got round to eating it today. When I unwrapped it I noticed there we...

  • 31:15 - Indoor Snow

    How is indoor snow made? For places like the Milton Keynes SNO!Zone, real snow is essential to the experience - but do they just leave the freezer door open overnight?

  • 42:26 - Why is urine yellow?

    Why is urine yellow? Is it usually yellow in most species, just mammals? It’s mostly water so why is it yellow?

  • 44:47 - Life from Outer Space?

    Have they found any life in the rubbish that falls to Earth from outer space?



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