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Wed, 4th Sep 2013

Can a Person in a Bath Dehydrate?

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In another special question and answer edition of the show, this week the Naked Scientists get to grips with your queries, including can you dehydrate in a bath? What is tinnitus? What chemicals leak from batteries? Why does water freeze from the top down? Are solar photons making the Earth more massive? And what causes deja vu? 

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In this edition of Naked Scientists

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  • 02:21 - Why is water loudest just before it boils?

    One thing that has always bothered me is why when you listen to water as you are heating it up it is loudest just BEFORE it boils. Once it is boiling, it gets a bit quieter again. Why is that?

  • 04:22 - Why does the ozone layer float?

    Why does the ozone layer float, when the molar mass of ozone is greater than the molar mass of oxygen?

  • 05:58 - What is vertigo?

    Since the age of eighteen, I have dealt with vertigo at least once a year, sometimes two or three times. The only thing a doctor has ever done is to prescribe Antivert, basically a motion sickness med. What's going on with me? If it is an inner ear infection why wouldn't an antib...

  • 08:09 - Are solar photons making Earth more massive?

    What happens to the photons of light that penetrate the oceans, in fact what happens to the photons of light that hit the earth? If photons have mass, then is the earth increasing in mass from these photons from the sun and is the sun losing mass from expelling the photons? ...

  • 10:35 - Why does water freeze from the top down?

    We all know that heat rises. So if I heat a kettle of water, the hotter water rises to the top, and the colder water will fall towards the element, get heated & rise. How is it possible that when I freeze water, it solidifies from the top down? If the hotter water is near the...

  • 15:15 - Why doesn't my watch self-wind when I'm ill?

    My automatic wrist watch is 51 years old, (no manual winding, nor batteries, winds itself by any movement) and is usually worn on my left wrist. The only time this watch stops is occasionally when I am a bit off colour, with a slight temperature, flu or the like. So, the ques...

  • 17:06 - What is tinnitus?

    What causes the noise heard in tinnitus?

  • 20:49 - Turn off the immersion to save energy?

    I have heard that people can save large amounts of electricity by switching their immersion heaters off and I really would like to understand how this works. One needs to understand that the geyser trip switch does not switch the geyser on, what it does is make electricity ava...

  • 22:21 - Can magnets on pipes soften water?

    Hello I was planning to buy a scale remover that works using magnet, but I wanted to find out whether you thought it would be effective. If not, what do you advise me use to remove scale inside pipelines of home? Regards Ali Al Shaqsi Sultanet of Oman

  • 24:20 - Does the spin of the earth affect flights?

    Does a flight take longer if the plane is flying against the spin of the earth?

  • 32:34 - Will silver jewellery harm my health?

    I have a question on silver metal. Today, I have purchased on silver finger ring and a bracelet. Will it affect my body, and what is the risk of harm from wearing a silver ring and bracelet? It's 92.5% silver.

  • 34:12 - What would a light speed camera be used for?

    American engineers have just developed a camera which by what I've seen on television actually slows light down. I was wondering if you could tell me what it's going to be used for.

  • 37:43 - What produces lift during a knife-edge pass?

    When an airplane does a knife-edge pass (wings vertical), where is the vertical component of lift coming from to keep it in the air? Thanks! Cameron

  • 39:00 - What chemical leaks from batteries?

    I have a question about alkaline batteries. I recently unwrapped a set of battery powered lights, and I saw that we had left the batteries in all year. The batteries are a well known brand and they looked like they had leaked. There was a white powder around the contacts of t...

  • 45:23 - Why do I see things as I go to sleep?

    One night when my wife and I were getting ready to go to bed and we turned off the light, I closed my eyes, and suddenly I saw an image of an old fashioned bakery. Could this be related to my memory?

  • 49:24 - The Fastest Way to Empty a Bottle

    How do you empty a bottle as fast as possible without damaging the bottle.

  • 52:21 - Why do mirrors reverse but not invert things

    If one looks in the mirror, the left and right side is reversed, so we see a "mirror image". However, the top and bottom is not. Why do we see left and right swapped around but not top and bottom? Regards Mark



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