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Mon, 30th Jun 2014

Engineering the Impossible

Liquid Nitrogen (c) Naked Scientists

From levitating trains and humans to giant, climate-altering balloons, super-steels and earthquake-proof buildings, this month's live show panel reveal the latest advances in extreme engineering. Plus, we get engineering for ourselves, including taking a blowtorch to a paperclip to make metallurgy happen before your eyes...

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  • 02:41 - Levitating Trains

    Superconductors are the key to magnetic levitation, from people on platforms to entire trains. But what is a superconductor?

  • 16:32 - Earthquake-Proof Buildings

    Are earthquake-proof buildings possible? Sinan Acikgoz demonstrates how to build tomorrow's structures...

  • 32:37 - Super Steel

    Steel has a huge variety of uses, from armoured cars to and inside jet engines. Do we still have more to learn about steel?

  • 47:50 - Climate Engineering

    Could we stop climate change by pumping particles into the ozone? Dr Kirsty Kuo thinks it's a possibility...



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