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Mon, 28th Sep 2015

Why don't spiders get stuck on their webs?

Spider web (c)

We take on your science questions: Can animals feel guilty? Could drones detect landmines? What's the furthest a paper plane could fly, and why don't spiders get stuck on their webs? Plus, a look at this week's science news - a development for Europe's Extra Large telescope, and the health challenges faced at the Rugby World Cup.

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  • 06:59 - Does putting your car key to your head increase its range?

    The myth of putting your car fob to your head and the locking or unlocking range of your car is increased by pressing the button. i tried this experiment and it worked! so i was wondering would it work for other things? and especially, WHY DOES THIS WORK could you please get...

  • 08:28 - How do probiotics survive stomach acid exposure?

    My question is, how do these bacteria, from, say, live yogurt or a pill form transpoosion, survive the aggressive environment of the stomach? Thanks, Thomas

  • 24:15 - Why do people instinctively suck on a bleeding wound?

    Hi Chris, Love your show. Here is my question: Why do people instinctively suck on a bleeding wound, e.g., a small cut on a finger? Since the mouth contains many germs, it would seem that a person would not want to do this? Thanks, Dennis Cooper Santa Barbara,...

  • 26:31 - Why do we think dolphins are so clever?

    I was just wondering about dolphins. They have the stereotype of the most intelligent animal, but what have they done to deserve this title? Thanks :)

  • 33:23 - Big news for Extremely Large Telescope

    The University of Oxford have announced their role in the European Extremely Large Telescope, and it's going to be big.

  • 37:06 - What is the most asymmetrical animal?

    The vast majority of animals are symmetrical - i.e., the left sides of their bodies are mirror images of the right sides. Of course very few, if any, are symmetrical when it comes to internal organs. Also, I've read that some crabs have one claw much larger than the other...

  • 39:28 - Do brains work better at cold temperatures?

    I was showering my head in cold water and i felt that our head are extremely hot, almost like a CPU of a computer, and i was wondering: Do our brains work better when its cooler? Like a computer processor?

  • 41:29 - Could black holes be made of dark matter?

    Can dark matter be the contents of black holes which would then explain the increase in the expansion of the universe speed due to the increase in dark energy? More dark holes result in more dark matter/energy.



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