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Tue, 22nd Dec 2015

Cracking the science of Christmas

Baubles (c)

The Naked Scientists have Christmas unwrapped with a look at the science behind our favourite festive traditions, including how to pick the perfect present, the psychology behind board games and how to avoid hangovers. Plus, Star Wars science, a chocolate-covered PhD and Santa's tech-upgrade!

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  • 09:57 - The psychology of gift-giving

    Got yourself in a tizz buying Christmas presents this year? There are some handy tricks science can teach you to avoid gift-related stress!

  • 17:45 - Christmas dinner in space

    How do astronauts on the International Space Station (ISS) enjoy Christmas dinner?

  • 23:37 - Good at board games: good at life?

    Why do board games bring out the beast in the best of us, and can they make you win at life?

  • 27:39 - Science and Star Wars

    Christmas is the perfect time to relax in front of a festive film, but this December there is one film that has been on everyone's minds...



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While I am generally accepting of Holiday Celebrations, feels like a kick in the face to science to have people on the ISS quoting Genesis to us. Kay, Tue, 22nd Dec 2015

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