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Tue, 12th Jan 2016

Why do we have pubic hair?

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In this week's podcast, we're taking on your questions! From how we make decisions to why do we go temporarily deaf when we yawn and if light wears out, these are some of the many conundrums you asked and we answered with the help of an expert panel. Plus, the top headlines in the world of science, including the four new elements discovered, why you can blame your neanderthal heritage for bad allergies and how Harry Potteresque screens could be the next big thing...

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In this edition of Naked Scientists

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  • 04:33 - Four new elements discovered

    Row seven of the periodic table has been completed with the discovery of four super-heavy metals...

  • 09:17 - Why don't some people get hangovers?

    In your Christmas broadcast, you covered the subject of hangovers. But why is it that some people do not get hangovers? I have two sisters. Myself and one sister never get hangovers, yet my other sister does. Why is this?

  • 11:56 - How do snowflakes maintain symmetry?

    Can you please explain to me how the individual 'arms' of a snowflake 'know' what is happening on the others so that they all grow to match and remain symetrical?

  • 13:17 - Does religion have an evolutionary role?

    I would like to ask the question: Is the concept of religion part of the process and development of evolution within a species? If a particular species of life perceives itself to be superior to other life forms, would that species believe it was created separately, hence the...

  • 19:45 - Neanderthals responsible for allergies

    When it comes to hayfever or any other allergies, you can blame your neanderthal ancestors...

  • 22:12 - Why is ice on my car harder to scrape off?

    As the weather is colder again, I wondered if you were interested in following up with the question, which was: Each day I come out to my car and windows are frozen. Sometimes the ice seems to be welded to the glass, and sometimes if can be scraped off quite easily. I wondered...

  • 27:59 - Does light wear out?

    One question asked in my primary science class, when learning about energy, is 'when does light wear out?' and 'how far does light travel?' and I am unsure how to accurately. Can you help?

  • 29:39 - Why are my rubber bands losing their spring?

    It's very hot and humid where I live, and I find that bags of rubber bands degrade faster than I can use them. I am going to store them in the refrigerator to see if that helps. Will that slow down the degradation? Do you have any other suggestions? Why do they keep losing th...

  • 31:55 - Harry Potter style newspapers created

    Will flexible screens let us have Harry Potter style newspapers?

  • 35:20 - Why do I go deaf when I yawn?

    When I yawn, for a brief moment, I can hear nothing of the outside world. Its feels like my ears were stuffed with some best earplugs. Do you have this feelings too? If yes, could you enlighten me what is going on here? Thanks.

  • 38:10 - How did male and female first evolve?

    Can you explain how single-celled, self-replicating organisms evolved into male and female organisms that could procreate?

  • 41:05 - Does stress cause grey hair?

    Does stress cause grey hair? Or is it just age? As I am now 50 - this is starting to be relevant. A young daughter says "Look Mummy, you've got a grey hair". The mother replies "That's because you've been so bad to me". "Gosh Mummy" came the reply "you must have been awfu...

  • 43:55 - Why does water go off?

    Why does water "go off", and how can you store clean water without it spoiling? If I leave some dishwater in the sink overnight, or leave pee in the loo for a long period of time it can smell quite lethal. Why is this? Does water in springs or wells go off in this same way? I ...

  • 44:34 - Could we send all the plastic to the Sun?

    I think we should stop using plastics because it will make our world worse. I have an idea about how we can destroy every inch of plastic, why don't we put all plastic in a largest space rocket & send this to sun. This will destroy all the plastic.

  • 47:42 - What's the latest in Alzheimer's research?

    What progess has been made in devising ways of breaking up amyloid beta protein in Alzheimer's patients?

  • 50:07 - Why do you suddenly get desperate for a wee?

    I'll give you an example of a situation. You are driving a car and need to go to the toilet but there is nowhere to go so you can hold on for a long time, until you arrive home. As soon as you know where a toilet that you can get to is, you can no longer hold on and you have to r...



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