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Mon, 11th Apr 2016

Conflict in Conservation

Coyote (c)

Would you care about conserving an animal if it threatened your job, your food supply or even your life? This week, we unpick the hidden conflicts and controversies inside conservation, including the tragic fight to save the mountain gorillas, how to tackle poaching smartly and the lions who live in harmony with people. Plus, news of how engineers solved a medical dilemma and a look back at one of the world's greatest mathematical geniuses. 

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  • 38:18 - How to prevent poaching

    What are the different weapons in the fight against poaching, and can the battle ever be won?

  • 43:59 - Living next door to lions

    An exhibition and London Zoo tells the story of a successful conservation programme involving people who love their lions.

  • 51:07 - Why does spicey food make me hiccup?

    I've observed that whenever I eat chilli (hot) foods such as hot wings or hot/periperi curry, they invoke persistent hiccups every single time. Is this an anomaly with my anatomy or is there a scientific basis for this?



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