Naked Neuroscience

Naked Neuroscience episode

Tue, 19th Aug 2014

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Deep brain stimulation (c) Hellerhoff@wikipedia

Memory boosting drugs, the military, the legal system and enhancing athletes mental focus. Where should neuroscience stop?

How a revolution in technology is bringing an unprecedented flood of information about the brain and with this, concerns over use, including students buying memory boosting chemicals or smart drugs over the internet, hoping to improve thier grades....

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In this edition of Naked Neuroscience

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  • 00:00 - Brain Hype or Help?

    Drugs to make you smarter, helmets to induce creativity, brain scans to convict people and mind findings in military warfare.

  • 25:18 - Vaccine for Parkinson's

    Initial results are in for the worlds first ever vaccine for Parkinson’s disease, and it looks promising.



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The research and development of neuroweapons should be prohibited. tkadm30, Thu, 24th Nov 2016

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