Naked Neuroscience

Naked Neuroscience episode

Fri, 19th Dec 2014

The Wanderings of a Naked Brain

Footprints (c)  AntoineMeu, The Thing, Flickr

This month we'll be trotting the globe to open our minds! We'll soak up some naked brain wanderings, including visiting the banja, a Russian sauna,  to be whipped by birch leaves. Plus, from the States, we'll meet the caring Robot trio, designed to help look after our increasingly elderly population, we'll visit a Brain Bank in New Zealand, keep fruit flies awake in Milan AND back in the UK meet a rocking professor who's addressing sexism in science through music.

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In this edition of Naked Neuroscience

Full Transcript

  • 01:56 - Visiting a Brain Bank

    How a bank of frozen human brains is acting as a reference library, how a Hindu resolves conflicting religious and scientific beliefs.

  • 08:34 - Birch Leaves in the Banya

    Immersing my self in Russian culture: the banya and getting whipped with birch leaves.....

  • 14:36 - Is your sleep bank in the black?

    Ever been up all night partying and then crashed out completely the next day? That’s your brain sleep bank getting out of the red....

  • 23:14 - Meet the caring Robot trio!

    Meet Brian: he encourages those with Dementia to eat. Casper helps with food preparation and Tangi helps get people together for bingo!

  • 29:10 - Sexism in Science

    Tim Bussey, professor, budding rock star and performer explains how he's addressing scientific gender inequality.....



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