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Sun, 1st Nov 2015

Why do we like looking at views?

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Eleanor wanted to know why people enjoy looking at views. Do we learn this socially or is it innate? Rosalind Davies spoke to Michael Forster from the University of Vienna to find out...

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A bit of Sun is good for you.
A bit of oxygen from photosynthesis is good for you.
A bit of exercise is good for you, and a bit more is even better.
Doing the same mindless work day after day is bad for you.
Pollution is bad for you.

What better way to feel better? Get out of your rut, and go look at a view! evan_au, Thu, 1st Oct 2015

The question "Why do people enjoy views" is about the view count of their internet forum postings, blogs, vlogs, status updates, ect. The answer is that we enjoy the view counts because they make us feel a little important. Pseudoscience-is-malarkey, Tue, 3rd Nov 2015

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